VIDEO: Langston Hughes III’s “Karolina Shine: An Old Kneegrow Spiritual”

“Adult contemporary head nod” music is how Langston Hughes III call their music, and it’s nice to hear someone call it “adult” at a time when the industry is so focused in aiming the music at an eternal audience of 12-year olds. The music has grown for decades and continues to grow and Hughes say “let’s continue the tradition” by givign something with a title that sounds straight out of a play or film. It’s called “Karolina Shine: An Old Kneegrow Spiritual” so to me, with a hint of humor in those words, there is a sense of heart in what they do and I am sure they will continue to display this.

BTW: despite the name, Langston Hughes III are a group consisting of Chawle Dawk Da Superstar, Maximillion and Da Moja DJ Cory B. It may be on the Tanya Morgan vibe where you think “none of them look like a Tanya or women” so for them, there is no one named Langston or Hughes. Take time to understand this, then begin to understand them as a group.


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