SOME STUFFS: California show dates and a remix from Neon Indian

Neon Indian photo NeonIndian_old_zpsr84ccpty.jpg
Neon Indian will be back in California for shows in February, but only in two cities. You’ll want to know where exactly but I’m sure a few of you will say “I already know, it’s the obvious cities” but let me tell you another thing. Martin Rev of Suicide did a remix of “Annie” and you can take a listen below. As you listen, look for some shows he has planned early in the year, along with two shows that will end 2015 off right.

December 18, 2015… Melbourne, Australia (National Gallery of Victoria)
December 31, 2015… Chicago, IL (East Room (DJ Set))
January 28, 2016… Boston, MA (Paradise Rock Club)
January 29, 2016… Montreal, Quebec (Fairmount Theatre)
January 30, 2016… Toronto, Ontario (Lee’s Place)
February 24, 2016… Los Angeles, CA (Fonda)
February 27, 2016… San Francisco, CA (Mezzanine/Noise Pop)

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