This Is Book’s Music’s Best Music Videos Of 2015

This Is Book's Music Best Music Videos 2015 photo TIBMVideos2015_picSMLb_zps0azdtpk2.jpg
It’s the time of the year where everyone is posting their favorite things of 2015 so it seemed appropriate to begin posting some of mine. There are only two lists I’m doing this year, not that I couldn’t find anything to choose as favorites but I found myself doing different things at the same time, multitasking if you will, and looking back, I made it difficult to keep track of everything, as I have in the past. This will be the first list I’m posting, and it’s dedicated to music videos. With MTV no longer an influence, YouTube is the place to go to find out what is and isn’t good. What makes these videos work for me? Being “of quality”, things are well edited and put together, and sometimes it can be a sense of humor that carries this nicely to where I want to watch and listen to the end.

Keep in mind that I did not watch every single music video in 2015, that’s pretty much an impossibility. These are those that came to my attention and sometimes I came across these along the way, sometimes via social media, other times when I clicked to something else and this was next door, leading me to give it a shot. I didn’t intent to have a specific number but as if by magic, the list below consists of 20 different artists. It is not a “Top 20”, it’s listed in alphabetical order so don’t looking for my view of what I felt was *the* best video of the year, you’re not going to find it. Nonetheless, these are my picks.

  • Chi City’s “Nobody”
  • clipping featuring King Tee’s “Summertime”
  • The Coathangers’ “Watch Your Back”
  • Aaron Cohen & AbGoHard’s “Right Here”
  • 14KT’s “Podium”
  • Guantanamo Baywatch’s “Too Late”
  • Hey Anna’s “Anaphaze”
  • Hobart W. Fink’s “Boyfriend”
  • Hundred Waters’ “Show Me Love”
  • Mick Jenkins’ “P’s & Q’s”
  • Junglepussy’s “Me”
  • Monk McNizzle’s “Eat Like A Player”
  • Melted’s “Old Lady Avenue”
  • Mother Feather’s “Mother Feather”
  • Open Mike Eagle’s “Celebrity Reduction Prayer”
  • Peach Kelli Pop’s “Princess Castle 1987”
  • Adam Reverie’s “Need A Moment”
  • Saga’s “The Strong”
  • Sparrow The Movement’s “Amazing”
  • This Will Destroy You’s “New Topia”
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