SOME STUFFS: Seattle band Tangerine to release new EP in February

Tangerine photo Tangerine_old_zpskwcpebau.jpg
February 19th: that is when Seattle trio Tangerine will release an EP on Swoon Records called Sugar Teeth, so you may want to brush your molars so they will not corrode. As for your ears, if you’d like to hear what they are planning in 2016, check out a song from the EP in the form of “Tender”, which it may be (or not). The group consists of sisters Marika and Miro Justad, and Toby Kuhn. Together they nicely blend even doses of pop and rock to create something that sounds driving and powerful. They’ll be more with the new EP but you’ll have to wait until the middle of winter to hear it, but it’s coming. Meanwhile, “Tender” is available as a free download, while supplies last.

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