VIDEO: Benjamin’s Brother’s “Story About A Broken Heart”

Ever saw a music video and wanted to know the credits for it? Here are the credits for “Story About A Broken Heart”, the new one for Benjamin’s Brother:

A BlackBoard Studios production
Yana Goor, Henry David
DOP- Eyal Bau Cohen
Gaffer- Ftian Ibrahim
Set Decorator- Avshalom Smolarchik
Make-up- Galit Shnaidman
Wardrobe – Hamoutal Ziulkowski
1st AC- Guy Shapira
Best Boy- Nadav Sharon
Grip- Tom Harari

Animation – BlackBoard Studios
VFX and Color grading – Noam Sharon

Directed by
Too Short For Modeling
(Noam Sharon & Tal Rosenthal)

Written & composed by – Benjamin’s Brother
Produced by – Gil Lewis
Vocals – Benjamin’s Brother
Vocals – Sivan Hadass
Arrangements – Benjamin’s Brother & Yoav Gilad

Recorded and mixed by – Gil Lewis
Recorded at – Offtape studio, London
℗ © 2015 Benjamin’s Brother. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Benjamin’s brother.
All rights of manufacturer and of the owner of the works produced reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of the recorded work prohibited

Crazy, right? Now you can watch and listen to what I just showed you the credits for, which is not crazy at all. You’ll be able to find this on the Like The First Time album.

SOME STUFFS: Seattle band Tangerine to release new EP in February

Tangerine photo Tangerine_old_zpskwcpebau.jpg
February 19th: that is when Seattle trio Tangerine will release an EP on Swoon Records called Sugar Teeth, so you may want to brush your molars so they will not corrode. As for your ears, if you’d like to hear what they are planning in 2016, check out a song from the EP in the form of “Tender”, which it may be (or not). The group consists of sisters Marika and Miro Justad, and Toby Kuhn. Together they nicely blend even doses of pop and rock to create something that sounds driving and powerful. They’ll be more with the new EP but you’ll have to wait until the middle of winter to hear it, but it’s coming. Meanwhile, “Tender” is available as a free download, while supplies last.

AUDIO: Witchcraft’s “Theory Of Consequence”

Nucleus! (Nuclear Blast) ends with an exclamation point and it’s for a reason: it’s the new album by Witchcraft! The album will be released in the middle of January but have a listen to a track from it to get you warmed up for it, which may be good for those of us freezing this winter. Bring in some needed heat with “Theory Of Consequence”. Nucleus! is available for pre-order below via Amazon.

This Is Book’s Music’s Best Albums Of 2015

Best Albums Of 2015 photo TIBMAlbums2015_pic_zpst0fbwalj.jpg
Years after I first started making lists of my favorite songs and albums, I still enjoy doing it. All it had taken was enjoying The Book Of Lists and it made me say “hey, I like making lists”, which is why I continue to do it year after year.

There are thousands of albums this year of a multitude of genres and I honestly wish I had the time to listen to most of them, especially genres I don’t follow closely. This list covers music on independents, self-released efforts, and a small handful of major labels. There isn’t much major label stuff I eagerly await anymore unless it’s an artist whose music I enjoy but I definitely do not hate something just because they’re on RCA, Columbia, Capitol, or Universal. As time goes on, I do wonder if I’ll do a list where it’s a 100% indie list but so far, not yet. There’s still good music coming from the majors, don’t deny the goodness from the self-proclaimed dictators.

Almost album listed have links to review except for two, including Kendrick Lamar’s album and why? I found myself listening to it a lot that by the time I felt ready to do a review, it had been a month or two since it’s release and it was already being called the best hip-hop album of the year by many. I decied to stay away from doing a review and let the music mature on its own as is, which at times had been rare for me. I like to do a review of something I like and not shy away from it but I don’t want to have to listen to everything and be “forced” in being critical. Just give me the music and allow me to listen. Then again, I guess I’ll always be critical but if you haven’t heard To Pimp a Butterfly yet, do so, as it is one of the strongest albums of 2015, of any genre.

I normally like to pick what I felt was the best album of the year, my ultimate solid choice but… it’s not really difficult to do but I just don’t want to come up with the “ultimate” pick anymore, I’m happy with coming up with a list, editing a few titles here and there and say “I’m done.” If forced to make a top 3, To Pimp a Butterfly would have to be there, along with Lightning Bolt’s Fantasy Empire, and Foreign Exchange’s Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey, perhaps throwing in Tyler, The Creator’s Cherry Bomb and Faith No More’s Sol Invictus as runner-ups. By doing so, it seems I’m forgetting everything else and I don’t want this to be a popularity contest, despite me saying “this is the best of the year.” Is it the absolute “best 25”, no. There are still many albums released this year I haven’t had time to listen to and digest, but I like that. It gives me time to catch up and enjoy without the pressure of having to add it into a list. I will give you a brief list of albums that still awaits:
Lieutenant’s If I Kill This Thing We’re All Gonna Eat For A Week
The Necks’ Vertigo
Uncommon Nasa’s Halfway
Wordburglar’s Rapplicable Skills
Neil Young & Promise Of The Real’s The Monsanto Years

I feel comfortable with what I’ve listed and it managed to come up with a nice number: 25. If you want to know why I felt they were exceptional, click to each link and it will lead to one of my reviews. Go ahead and stream these albums or take a chance to buy it on vinyl if available, compact disc, cassette, or the MP3’s. If these albums and artists move you, by all means check them out if they are performing near you. Here they are, This Is Book’s Music’s Best Albums Of 2015.:

  • Action Bronson’s “Mr. Wonderful”
  • ANCST/AST’s split album
  • Jeremy Bass’s “New York In Spring”
  • Blindness’ “Wrapped In Plastic”
  • Blueprint’s “King No Crown”
  • Demonic Possessor’s “Porous Chambers” (no review)
  • Bvdub’s “A Step In The Dark”
  • Faith No More’s “Sol Invictus”
  • Foreign Exchange’s “Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey”
  • Hidden In The Sun’s “Seven Seasons”
  • Kristofer Klarke’s self titled album
  • Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly” (no review)
  • Lightning Bolt’s “Fantasy Empire”
  • Limb’s “Terminal”
  • Marshmallow Coast’s “Vangelis Rides Again”
  • Meanza&De’s “OU”
  • Motherfucker’s “Confetti”
  • Nicolay’s “City Lights Vol. 3: Soweto”
  • No Spill Blood’s “Heavy Electricity”
  • Presents For Sally’s “Colours & Changes”
  • SPC ECO’s “Dark Matter”
  • Thee Koukouvaya’s “This Is The Mythology Of Modern Death”
  • THEESatisfaction’s “EarthEE”
  • Tyler, The Creator’s “Cherry Bomb”
  • Zs’ “Xe”
  • SOME STUFFS: Out of the box: The Beatles head to the world of streaming

    The Beatles photo Beatles_picFIX_zpsukgaslgw.jpg
    As it has been customary since they were a group 50 years ago, The Beatles are throwing out another set of music this holiday season but instead, it’s nothing brand new in any way. The Beatles had resisted getting their music into the digital realm but considering a wealth of today’s music sales comes from MP3 sales, it was only a matter of time before they and Universal were able to offer the band’s music for sale digitally. There are a few Beatles compilations that are iTunes-only, as there isn’t a vinyl companion for it (not officially at least). Starting tomorrow, December 24th, the music of The Beatles will be heading to various streaming websites, including Spotify, Tidal, Rhapsody, Amazon Prime Music, Google Play and a few others, inclduing, oddly enough, Apple Music. If you know the history between The Beatles/Apple Records and Apple Computer, you’ll know why I said “oddly enough” but let’s move forward.

    One website had said the band’s FULL discography will be made available for streaming in each time zone on Thursday, 12:01am. While the time may be correct, what’s being available for streaming is not correct. What Universal will be offering are the band’s 13 remastered albums, which means this is what they released themselves. These are the original British editions so if you’re looking for Something New, Yesterday & Today, or Beatles VI, you’re not going to get it that way but you’re able to make your own playlists to create your own versions. Outside of the remastered albums, The Beatles/Universal will be offering four compilations, including 1962-1966, 1967-1970, Past Masters, and 1.

    Considering we’re very close to Christmas, I had hoped The Beatles would finally give The Beatles Christmas Album an official release. However, if they were going to release it digitally, they would also have to release it on vinyl and CD to please fans of hard copy. The Beatles Christmas Album put together all of the records the group gave to members of their fan club, so there was one record each between 1963-1969. When the band announced their split in 1970, it meant no more Christmas messages so they ended the year by putting together all of the messages and releasing it in one place. Like the flexi-discs, The Beatles Christmas Album was made available only for fan club members but due to it being Beatles-related, it was counterfeited and has been circulating for the last 45 years. You can now find the album as bootlegs, which now feature outtakes from the Christmas message recording sessions. To me, The Beatles Christmas Album is a perfect example of being able to hear the group’s slow demise, as each message was a way for all four to gather and be festive while giving fan club members a happy message. By 1968 and the release of The Beatles (a/k/a “The White Album”), they were more than happy to record messages separately from one another. When they released their last Christmas record in 1969, you could sense the tension as no one intermingled with one another. They were ready to move on and would with an incredible amount of music they made throughout the 1970’s. Unless there will be an additional surprise tomorrow, The Beatles Christmas Album will not be officially released, if it ever will. Considering there are only two surviving members left, one hopes it will be soon.

    One question that was brought up is “who exactly is the audience for the streaming music by The Beatles?” One website claims those who heavily stream as their primary means of listening to music are between 15 and 20: teenagers and young people preparing for college or heading there. Can The Beatles crack that audience, and are younger audiences really into The Beatles? It’s one thing to say their music is timeless but when I was a kid, I certainly didn’t want to listen to music from the 1920’s or 1930’s. I do now but the point is, The Beatles were a phenomenon 50 years ago. There are older audiences in Spotify and Google Play but are they active? Are these websites and apps going to welcome older audiences who may want to hear The Beatles and other artists they prefer? I don’t think grandma wants to hear Demi Lovato or Meek Mill. We’ll find out to see how the streaming realm accepts The Beatles and if a huge amount of Beatles streams will change things. The music industry is more than happy to be the biggest listening booth in the world because it makes them money. Not that The Beatles need any more money due to low sales, people still buy vinyl, CD’s, cassettes, and MP3’s on a regular basis but if it leads to heavy streaming, I’m certain a lot of artists who have held back their catalogs will be the next ones to cash in on the new means of income.

    FREE DL: Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (Platurn Edit)”

    DJ Platurn said he had done this edit of Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” awhile back but chose not to upload it for whatever reason. It seemed it was the perfect time so he now presents it for everyone to stream and listen and perhaps download it for the party in your life. It’s free to download but definitely considering using the “Name Your Price” option to show some support.

    This Is Book’s Music’s Best EP’s Of 2015

    This Is Book's Music Best EP's Of 2015 photo TIBMEPs2015_pic_zpsapa7qems.jpg
    EP = Extended play.

    It is “extended” because it was considered more than just a 2-song single but less than an album that would generally have 10, 12, or 14 songs. In the old days, an EP was considered anything more than two songs but less than 26 minutes and 58 seconds. The moment your piece of work was 26:59 or 27 minutes even, that classified as an album. Fortunately, many artists these days still obey the old rules, even if some will say “that’s stupid.”

    Anyway, the EP is a way for an artist to release new music but without having to create something that functions as a “full length”. An album has often been stigmatizing because some feel an album should be an “event” of sorts. In fact, that’s how many musicians and songwriters used to design an album, as a substitute for not being able to go to their actual performance. An album was meant to be “since you can’t come to see and hear us, this is our audio presentation of that show.” An EP is a nice, content way to provide a few new songs without going overboard. In the 80’s, EP’s were often done as “in between” releases, giving fans something to “fill the void” before the next big event was to happen, a rest period during or after a tour for the album. In the last five to ten years, EP’s have become stronger and you’ll see more people release EP’s as nothing more than just a set of songs that’s “more than just an MP3” but “less than the occasional burden of hearing an album.”

    I got my share of EP’s throughout 2015 but oddly enough, I didn’t review a lot of them. I did post a handful for visitors to listen to but most I did not review them. I love the EP and perhaps I need to try to dedicate myself to more in 2016. This is the reason why this list is so brief: five titles. It’s unlike my album lists that can be jampacked with anything and everything but maybe this list is like the EP itself: nice and content. This is my list of what I feel were the Best “extended plays” of 2015.

  • Charlie Belle’s “I Don’t Want To Be Alone”
  • Chromadrift’s “Europa Mission”
  • The March Divide’s “+1”
  • Snow In Mexico’s “Juno Beach”
  • Tree Machines’ self-titled EP