SOME STUFFS: Scott Yoder to release his debut as a solo artist

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Scott Yoder may be a personal favorite to fans of the Seattle group The Pharmacy but after years of releasing music with them, he is now making himself on his own as a solo artist and what will be his debut album. Loooking Back In Blue will be out through Annibale records on the 25th of March and they want to pass along “Silver Boy” for your consideration. If you liked what Yoder had done before, you’re sure to be turned on by what you’re about to hear here.

AUDIO: Tangerine’s “Sunset”

Tangerine photo Tangerine_old_zpskwcpebau.jpg
Seattle’s Tangerine are getting ready… no, let’s be honest, they are probably overeager to get Sugar Teeth out and ready for everyone, which’ll most likely lead to a number of shows for you to check out and feel the music in person. You’ll have to wait for February 19th for Swoon Records to release it but everyone involved are sharing yet another song from the EP, so please listen to the group’s new single, “Sunset”.

Spring shows are being arranged right now, with only two in their itinerary so far, including one at the Kazzufest in Pullman, Washington on April 2nd. Check out the dates below:
February 12… Seattle, WA (The Black Lodge)
April 2… Pullman, WA (Kazzufest)
May 27… George, WA (Gorge Amphitheater)

SOME STUFFS: “Jettison The Valley” is title of Carter Tanton’s album due in March

Photo by Ebru Yildiz
Carter Tanton photo CarterTanton_old_zpsxj7oh0zn.jpg
1. “Twentynine Palms”
2. “Fresh Faced Claire”
3. “The Long Goodbye”
4. “Poison In The Dart”
5. “Jettison The Valley”
6. “330”
7. “The Dressmaker’s Girl”
8. “Through The Garden Gates”
9. “Diamonds In The Mine”

The above song titles are selections that will be on Carter Tanton’s next album, Jettison The Valley, due out on the 4th of March on Western Vinyl and you’re able to hear a song from it right now. It’s a cut he did with Sharon Van Etten called “Twentynine Palms”, please have a listen. The vocal harmonies they share throughout is perfect, hinting at what the rest of the album will sound like.

AUDIO: Mike & The Melvins’ “Chicken n Dump”

18 years ago, Melvins were going to release a collaborative album with bassist Mike Kunka, who had taken a break from GodheadSilo to work with Buzz and Dale. They were that close to releasing it and for whatever reason, nothing was heard from it, not even a single. They all returned to the project last year and decided it would be a very good time to finally have it out so here it is. They’re calling themselves not Mike & Melvins but Mile & The Melvins and the album, due out on April 1st, is called Three Men And A Baby. Despite the release date, this is not a joke, no April fooling here, it will be out on that day. From it is a song called “Chicken n Dump”, which is said to have been written by a 9-year old girl. Well, she was 9 years old at the time but she is now 23 and will hopefully earn whatever royalties an album like this could lead to.

Here’s the track listing. Sub Pop are releasing this one.
1. Chicken n Dump
2. Limited Teeth
3. Bummer Conversation
4. Annalisa
5. A Dead Pile of Worthless Junk
6. Read the Label (It’s Chilli)
7. Dead Canaries
8. Pound the Giants
9. A Friend in Need is a Friend You Don’t Need
10. Lifestyle Hammer
11. Gravel
12. Art School Fight Song

VIDEO: Martin Crane’s “Gadesco”

Martin Crane photo MartinCrane_old_zpsew1uhotj.jpg
Photo by Christine Hahn
You may know of Martin Crane from his days with Brazos or being a music supervisor for Cutie And The Boxer and Hugh The Hunter but now it’s time to get to know him for him and his music. He just released a solo album called Physical Therapy (INSCAPE) and for it, he made a video with director Zachary Heinzerling for “Gadesco”. The album was released right before the beginning of the holiday season so if you may have heard about him in passion, get to know a bit more here. Go here to watch it, as I’m not allowed to post it on my own website, apologies.