SOME STUFFS: Winter tour announced for moyamoya

moyamoya photo moyamoya_pic_zpszs3knkbd.jpg
Jacksonville, Florida will be in a bit of mourning once their homeboys of moyamoya depart for a tour this winter but they will be back in a few weeks. The instrumental post-rock trio are going to venture out to the southeast US, the first time they’re making it out to that part of the country. A number of artists are also scheduled to perform that night so show up early and have a good time.

January 22… Brunswick, GA (HBGB) šŸ’“
January 23… Charleston, SC (Tin Roof) ā¦
January 24… Greenville, NC (Radio Room) šŸ’•
January 25… Charlotte, NC (The Station) įƒ¦
January 26… Wilmington, NC (Calico Room) āœæ
January 27… Raleigh, NC (Schoolkid’s) ā€ (ALL AGES)
January 28… Raleigh, NC (Slim’s) ā™»/ā€
January 29… Chapel Hill, NC (Nightlight) ā˜ŗ/ā€
January 30… Savannah, GA (The Erasery) Ī©

šŸ’“ = w/ Gov Club
ā¦ = w/ Colorworld, The Give & The Take
šŸ’• = w/ People Of Mars
įƒ¦ = w/ Cuzco, For The Byrds
āœæ = w/ Future Trip, whothefolklohr
ā€ = w/ Band & The Beat
ā™» = w/ FKB$
ā˜ŗ = w/ Midnight Plus One
Ī© = w/ Fez The Immigrant, Beverly Tender

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