SOME STUFFS: VHS sign to Suicide Squeeze, prepare for west coast shows

VHS photo VHS_old_zpszljlp0sk.jpg
There is a band who go by the name of VHS but unlike the video tape, it does not stand for “Video Home System”. For these Seattle guys, it stands for “Violent Human System” for it is different times but they have good intentions. They were recently signed with the Suicide Squeeze label and they (both the band and label) will be releasing a debut album very soon. Until then, they just released a 45 on the Casino Trash label with the song “Needles For Pricks” and you can have a listen to it now.

The group are going up and down the west coast (with a brief venture inland in Las Vegas) next month for shows so if you can, head to these venues and show a bit of love for VHS from the 206.

February 18… Seattle, WA (The Highline)
February 19… Portland, OR (The Know)
February 20… Santa Rosa, CA (Atlas Coffee)
February 21… San Francisco, CA (Thrillhouse Records)
February 22… Oakland, CA (1234 Go! Records)
February 23… Los Angeles, CA (All Star Lanes)
February 24… Costa Mesa, CA (Wayfarer)
February 25… San Diego, CA (Tower Bar)
February 26… Los Angeles, CA (The Redwood)
February 27… Merced, CA (Tigers And Daggers)
February 28… Reno, NV (Spectre Records)


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