FREE MP3 DL: Bike Thief’s “Dark Dances”

Bike Thief photo BikeThief_old_zpswph6qnuv.jpg
Portland band Bike Thief could be simply called indie rock, their people may call them “progressive psych rock” but their music is intense, regardless of the genre name you choose to place on them. They represent the music of a city that has been getting a lot of attention for different reason but may Bike Thief be the reason you may want to visit Rose City for the first time. They’re about to release a new album called Impaler and from it is a powerful piece called “Dark Dances”, which may may dark in aura but this is sure to make you move around regardless of the brightness surrounding you. Producing the track from them is Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Riley Geare so wait a bit, you’ll hear much more from this album very soon. Until then, their next show in Portland will be at the Doug Fir Lounge on February 17th.


2 thoughts on “FREE MP3 DL: Bike Thief’s “Dark Dances”

    • Like Van Halen from 1984, I’ll wait. I wasn’t going to allow the comment as you didn’t explain how you saw their video (director? Cast of the video? Manager? Groupe? Stunt double?) so let me know.


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