SOME STUFFS: Risley is the supergroup of Portland in 2016

Risley photo Risley_old_zpshircfsyr.jpg
If you’re familiar with such groups as Tea For Julie, Genders, Typhoon, The Priory, Sunbathe, Paper Brain, Poison Beaches, and Moonchild, then you must reside in or near Portland, Oregon or are a passionate fan of the music scene there. A few members of these groups have formed yet another group, and I’d like to introduce you to Risley. Collectively they have written and recorded what seems like thousands of songs but to make it safe, let’s just say “in the high hundreds.” They wrote and recorded a mess of material as Risley and somehow managed to choose 22 songs that were good enough for their debut album, which will be released by Lamplight Records on February 26th. Have a listen to this preview from the self-titled album, a video of which represents the Portland of the 1990’s that Portlandia doesn’t dare share with you but it takes a look back at the great city that once was, and in many ways still is.

RISLEY PREVIEW REEL 2 from Michael Deresh on Vimeo.


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