AUDIO: Tangerine’s “Sunset”

Tangerine photo Tangerine_old_zpskwcpebau.jpg
Seattle’s Tangerine are getting ready… no, let’s be honest, they are probably overeager to get Sugar Teeth out and ready for everyone, which’ll most likely lead to a number of shows for you to check out and feel the music in person. You’ll have to wait for February 19th for Swoon Records to release it but everyone involved are sharing yet another song from the EP, so please listen to the group’s new single, “Sunset”.

Spring shows are being arranged right now, with only two in their itinerary so far, including one at the Kazzufest in Pullman, Washington on April 2nd. Check out the dates below:
February 12… Seattle, WA (The Black Lodge)
April 2… Pullman, WA (Kazzufest)
May 27… George, WA (Gorge Amphitheater)

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