AUDIO: Boris’ “Heavy Rain”/Merzbow’s “Goloka Pt. 2”

This is going to be a trippy album. From Japan, we bring together the band Boris and experimentalist Merzbow. Their new album is called Gensho (Relapse) and will be released as a double CD or a quadruple LP set. On one half of the record you have new material from Boris, doing their harsh style of music with a sense of beauty. On the other half of the record you have Merzbow doing his noisy adventures. What you’re supposed to do is play them together at once.

Sounds weird? Maybe but it sounds very cool. In this case, here is Boris’ “Heavy Rain” and as you will hear, the song is like the full album: percussion-less. You can listen to it as is. You also have “Goloka Pt. 2” by Merzbow, nothing but noise, as he is known for. If you are a noise enthusiast, you may get into this nicely. Now, you play both songs together. That is Gensho, which translates to “phenomenon” so by being involved with this, you are a part of this audio phenomenon.

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