SOME STUFFS: Earth, Wind & Fire “Head To The Sky” gets the audiophile treatment from Audio Fidelity

Earth, Wind & Fire photo EWF_HTTS_cover_zpsfk6gknat.jpg
Audio Fidelity recently did a hybrid SACD of Earth, Wind & Fire’s fantastic Open Our Eyes album and they’ve dipped into the EW&F discography again, this time by going back a year before for another classic gem. This time it’s the 1973 album that arguably sparked the beginning of what would be years of incredible music making from the band, and the last album to feature vocalist Jessica Cleaves. Head To The Sky is the album that has so much great songs, from “Build A Nest” to “Clover”, “Zanzibar” to “Evil” and the fantastic “Keep Your Head To The Sky”. This hybrid SACD will feature the original stereo album remastered by Steve Hoffman while the SACD portion goes back to the original quadraphonic mix which makes its digital debut here. This will be released next month.

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