SOME STUFFS: New project from Servant Girl Annihilator

If you know who Tanner Garza is, you may be familiar with his band Black Leather Jesus or some of his solo work. He is now getting into the noisy side of things with his new project, Servant Girl Annihilator. He has a new album available on cassette called Soft White Damn and this one can be purchased in two different ways:

  • regular cassette tape
  • deluxe version, which is the tape packaged in an old VHS case that expands the artwork seen on the tape cover, a mini poster, a Lost Light Records patch, and a CD3 (3 inch CD) exclusive to the deluxe edition. You can stream the album below via Bandcamp but in order to hear the CD3, you have to buy the deluxe as it is not being streamed.

    As for Lost Light, they are a label up in Spokane and if you’d like to hear more from them, head to their official Bandcamp page.

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