REVIEW: Darrell Grant’s “The Territory”

 photo DarrellGrant_cover_zpsxm3mtlrj.jpg Pianist Darrell Grant has created The Territory (PJCE), a nine-part movement that touches on Earth, the people on and within it and the interaction between everything that is able to make everyone survive as best as possible. At least that’s the way I interpret this and while Grant is the center of this entire project, everyone in the band blends beautifully in carrying the message and mission forward so we’re able to make sense of everything that’s going on. By listening to this, it’s a way to reflect on our own surroundings and figure out what is good or what went wrong, and to question if we’re able to find a way to make things right, if there is right a think as right. What also makes this album work is having drummer Brian Blade in this, recorded live in Portland, Oregon three years ago. This is something that could or should be performed around the world for all to hear so its message coudl be carried on for today’s generation, in the hopes of it going on for many years to come, in an Ellingonian manner. A wonderful piece of work.

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