REVIEW: Deardarkhead’s “Strange Weather” (EP)

Deardarkhead photo Deardarkhead_cover_zpsihvrofo3.jpg Not sure if this is what I should be hearing but Deardarkhead (“dear dark head”) sound like they are firmly immersed in their new wave influences, or at least they either grew up listening to a lot of 80’s music and are taking in some of the best elements before examiming, destroying, and re-forming it into something that will develop into their own sound. That’s what I hear on their new 6-song EP Strange Weather (Saint Marie) and what I love is how their songs carry me from start to finish without ever wanting to go do something else or make me wnat to stop listening. Not bad for a group who are vocal-less but do it in a way to where it doesn’t matter, their music carries you through during the duration. I’m curious to see how others will react to this and what places they’ll head to in the next few years.

(Strange Weather will be released on March 26th. You can pre-order it in a number of different formats directly from Saint Marie Records.)

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