REVIEW: Great Lakes’ “Wild Vision”

Great Lakes photo GreatLakes_cover_zpsitzmdvzf.jpg On the surface, the music by Great Lake could be a wonderful mixture of pop and rock, but that’s just on the surface. Listen to Wild Vision (Loose Trucks) and you’ll hear that this is just strong songwriting that could be performed in a wide range of different genres. There’s a hint of country here, a slight pinch of soul there, and perhaps a slice of hard rock there too and that may be due to their Athens, Georgia upbringing. With a city like Athens, you may immediately bring to mind a number of well known groups what what Great Lakes do is carry those traditions and mix it up into their own blend. It features songs that will make you believe with what Ben Crum and Suzanne Nienaber are singing about, whether it’s about love found, love lost, the mysteries of life or the sadness of the unknown. It’s personal, just as it should be and Wild Vision is the kind of material that should be honored not only for its own merits, but so other artists could cover it themselves and create a new legacy for these compositions.

One thought on “REVIEW: Great Lakes’ “Wild Vision”

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