REVIEW: Scary Little Friends’ “Silent Revolution”

Scary Liittle Friends photo ScaryLF_cover_zpsejwsxssk.jpg San Francisco trio Scary Little Friends have come out with a new 7-song EP called Silent Revolution (Randm) and if you’re someone who loves their pop with a nice and welcome punch of good rock’n’roll, you’ll really dig this. The music on this reminds me of the kind of music I used to grow up in the 80’s, college/collegiate rock that sounds like something you’d hear on albums by Greg Kihn, The Tubes, or The Producers. That comes from the strength of Chris Jones’ songwriting and vocals, where things sound encouraging and you want to stay around to hear more. A part of me also hears a hint of Wilco power but Wilco have never made it close over to the pop side of things, or at least I never heard them go/get there but there’s a slight Jeff Tweedy vibe. What also makes the music work is the drumming of Charlie Knote and bassist Jon Payne and together they clearly show you what it means to not only be a power trio, but just a great group who understand each other to make their songs work beautifully. Nice vibe all around.

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