REVIEW: The Black Watch’s “Highs And Lows”

The Black Watch photo BlackWatch_cover_zpslq1splkf.jpg What makes The Black Watch stand out is how they change things in their music with each song. On Highs And Lows (Pop Culture Press) they get into doing something you’d expect to hear on an 80’s Moody Blues album (as heard in “Quondam Redhead”) or show a sense of pop dreaminess that isn’t so much rare in 2016, but you don’t hear it pushed to the forefront, at least not in the United States. Or perhaps I’m not focused to find the kind of music I prefer, which is another way to say I prefer what The Black Watch do because they do it nicely. If these guys don’t end up playing a number of music festivals this spring or summer, it is a disgrace, which means go and head out to see their shows if they play near you, as this album will give you a slight hint of what they may be like in a live setting. I’d go and see them if I could.

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