RECORD CRACK: New 3LP live album from David Bowie is on its way

David Bowie photo Bowie_vinyl_zpsfrkeq90z.jpg
The death of David Bowie is leading labels to capitalize on him and his music and Friday Music is doing a good shop by releasing this album for the first time on DVD. A Reality Tour originally came out on CD and DVD only and focuses on a show he did in 2005 from what would become his last tour. This pressing is being made by RTI on 180 gram audiophile vinyl, pressed on translucent vinyl and is being released as a 3-record set. If you have records pressed on RTI, you know they do great work so this one will be a quality project. The records are packaged in a box with two posters so if you wish to hang them out, do whatever you want with it. The album will be released around June 1st, which you may pre-order directly from Friday Music.

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