VIDEO: Mothertapes’ “Gravity Wins”

There has been an incredible amount of new music coming out of Portland, Oregon as of late, and not simply because I’m paying attention. Every week, I get wind of something new, be it rock, hip-hop, electronic, dance or whatever and here’s another group you should be checking out. Mothertapes merge in an electronic pulse with a sense of pop that is irresistible and they’re out with a self-titled album released last October. They’ve made a video for one of its songs called “Gravity Wins” and they’d like for you to have a look, bringing in a bit of “found images” to make their music work.

Those in or near Portland will be able to see them live twice within the next few weeks, stop by, get down a bit and say hello if they’re open to it:

March 22… Portland, OR (Holocene)
April 23… Portland, OR (Secret Society Ballroom)

Mothertapes (the album) was released by Self Group.

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