VIDEO: Jolly Mare’s “Hungry Angry”

Jolly Mare photo JollyMare_old_zpsajvrs3sg.jpg
Fabrizio Martina is going out of his way to let people know he’s more than just a “champion turntablist”, he is a “multi-instrumentalist” and has a “master degree in Mechanical engineering and a PhD in Vibration Dynamics under his belt”, these are things I am quoting from the press release but what you care more about is why I’m posting about him. He has an album coming out soon under the name Jolly Mare so while you will remember his real name, also know him as Jolly Mare. His album will be out soon called Mechanics, a great way to represent what he does in life and in music and he has released the second single from it. Check out “Hungry Angry” and maybe you can control your feelings for the song by balancing both.

Mechanics will be released by Bastard Jazz Recordings on April 8th.

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