VIDEO: Fortunado’s “Honest Man”

A nice track from someone who may be a nice man, he goes by the name of Fortunado and here he says he is an “Honest Man”. Directed by Andrew Kelly, the track is the fourth video he has made for his EP Blue Collar that he did with producer Seaon One. If you’d like to see the others made, head to his official YouTube page. To hear the full EP, click to Bandcamp below.

VIDEO: The Lemons’ “Shark Bait”

The term “shark bait” often refers to someone whose skin is very pale, as in “literally white” to where they may look like something a fisherman would throw back into the ocean to catch a shark. The Lemons maybe had this on mind when they wrote “Shark Bait” or maybe it means something else. No matter, you can hear more from these rockers by checking out their latest album Burger Records called Hello, We’re The Lemons!. If this sounds like something you might have heard on an episode of Banana Splits, good for you.

FREE MP3 DL: nine inch nails’ “The Great Below (Panic Bomber Edit)”

If you’re a deep fan of nine inch nails’ The Fragile album, you may be completely into the track “The Great Below”, but are you open to hearing a new interpretation of it? This is a new remix/edit done by Panic Bomber so check this out by streaming and if it’s too good, download it for free.

VIDEO: Windhand’s “Two Urns”

Grief’s Infernal Flower (Relapse) is the latest album from the gracious Windhand and half a year after its release, it is still as strong and powerful as it was in September. If you’ve had the album for awhile, you’re going to love what they did with the song “Two Urns” but if you’ve been hesitant to get this, maybe this will be the reason for you to get a copy.