SOME STUFFS: Pony Time say it’s time for tour

Pony Time photo PonyTime_old_zps5gdsq4wx.jpg
Seattle duo Pony Time want to head out on the road for the next few weeks and they’ll start at home beginning on the 24th of April at Chop Suey before they roam the nation and make their way to the east coast before heading back and ending their tour in Portland on May 25th at Bunk Bear. Here are the coordinates:

April 24… Seattle, WA (Chop Suey)
April 28… Spokane, WA (Baby Bar)
April 29… Boise, ID (The Olympic)
April 30… Salt Lake City, UT (Diabolical Records)
May 1… Denver, CO (Lion’s Lair)
May 3… Sioux Falls, SD (Total Drag Records)
May 4… Des Moines, IA (Vaudeville Mews)
May 5… Minneapolis, MN (House)
May 6… Chicago, IL (Gman Tavern)
May 7… Detroit, MI (UFO Factory)
May 8… Pittsburgh, PA (Spirit Lodge)
May 10… Providence, RI (Aurora)
May 11… Brooklyn, NY (Alphaville)
May 12… Philadelphia, PA (Everybody Hits)
May 14… Winston-Salem, NC (Reanimator Records)
May 15… Johnson City, TN (TBA)
May 16… Jacksonville, FL (Burro Bar)
May 17… Tallahassee, FL (TBA)
May 18… New Orleans, LA (Siberia)
May 19… Austin, TX (Hotel Vegas)
May 20… El Paso, TX (Monarch)
May 21… Tucson, AZ (TBA)
May 22… Los Angeles, CA (The Smell)
May 23… San Francisco, CA (The Hemlock)
May 24… Arcata, CA (Richard’s Goat)
May 25… Portland, OR (Bunk Bar)


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