SOME STUFFS: Yeesh are signed, preparing for summer album

Yeesh photo Yeesh_old_zps9d8ulb5l.jpg
Chicago band Yeesh are going to be quite busy in 2016. They have been signed to Tiny Engines and they will be releasing an album this summer called Confirmation Bias, the follow up to their debut released last year called No Problem. While the album is still a few months away, they are hot to test this out to fans so they’ll be doing some shows beginning tomorrow before returning to the road next month for a few shows in the mid-west and east coast. Once the album drops, you can bet there will be more concerts, perhaps some on the west coast:

April 15… Chicago, IL (Flood House) ❤
April 16… Chicago, IL (Saki Records, Record Store Day @ 2PM)
May 20… Chicago, IL (Auxilliary Arts Center) ☀
May 21… Bloomington, IN (The Void)
May 22… Louisville, KY (The Cure Lounge) ☆
May 23… Cincinnati, OH (The Comet) ☂
May 24… Pittsburgh, PA (Howlers) ☻
May 25… Washington DC (Union Arts DC) ♞
May 26… Philadelphia, PA (TBA) ☯
May 27… New York, NY (Palisades) ☢

❤ = w/ Haybaby, The Normal Years, Beastii
☀ = w/ Pool Holograph
☆ = w/ Rarebit, Skintone
☂ = w/ Pinkwash
☻ = w/ Calyx
♞ = w/ Polyon, Rom, Dove Lady
☯ = w/ Left & Right
☢ = w/ Haybaby, Bueno, Sic Tic

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