PODCAST: The return of “The Listening Experience”

My podcast was restarted two weeks ago and actually forgot to post it for everyone here. I used to do a show called Book’s Music then decided I wanted to continue creating podcasts. Thus it became The Listening Experience, what I call “the radio show that radio forgot”. For the time being, these two episodes are 60 minutes in length but I will return very soon to what is a normal length for my shows, which is 90 minutes. Playlists can be found for each page of the show.

I am looking for people to drop spots for my show, where you say who you are and that “you are listening to The Listening Experience” or something along those lines. If you are able to record your voice, I’d love for you to submit it. It will be put into rotation.

Also, if you have a suggestion for a podcast theme or have a specific song you want to hear, make a request.

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