VIDEO: Libretto featuring Theory Hazit’s “Headhunters”

Gangsta Jazz Volume Two – The Album is album due out in a few weeks by Portland MC Libretto. One of the song was done with Theory Hazit called “Headhunters” and they’ve made a video for it that I’d like to share with you here. They’re hanging out at the Moda Center in the NE part of the city close to the river, a significant area for those of you who know a bit about black history in Rose City and the song is just as intense as the history is. Listen to the sample for a possible clue but it has to do with the rich jazz history Portland has in the neighborhood where the Moda is today.

SOME STUFFS: India offers a hint of black metal with Nogrod

Nogrod photo Nogrod_old_zpszrodzl5m.jpg
Black and death styles of metal can be found anywhere and everywhere but would you ever think of India for a country to find a good band? May I introduce Nogrod to you. The band aren’t signed but they have music for you to listen to, which you may hear by checking out their Bandcamp page below for their 6-song EP Abstruce Dismal. With enough of a position response, they’ll have more music next time.

VIDEO: Dark Funeral’s “Unchain My Soul”

Where Shadows Forever Reign (Century Media) is the new album from Dark Funeral and from it is the unleashment of sound called “Unchain My Soul” so lay down and die, goodbye and enjoy the in depth wallop of this heatseeking missile. The album will be released this Friday but you can pre-order it below through Once again, Swedish death metal breathes eternally.

BOOK’S FOODIE: The Pizza Show – Chicago

From the Munchies channel on YouTube comes the latest installment of The Pizza Show, a presentation where they visit a specific city to show perspectives of what their pizza is about. In this case, many people know Chicago is huge for their deep dish pizza but there’s a lot more to its pizza than just that so they managed to head not only through Chicago but some of its neighborhoods and outlying areas to get people aware of what you can find if you go out of your way to go out of the way.

One thing it reminded me of is, due to how often I visit Portland, Oregon, there’s constant talk about the many changes the city is going through and how what was considered rootsy and neighborhood-ish is being removed by land owners who want to replace it all with apartments. It’s a chance to focus more on the Portland you think you know and look at the neighborhoods and why that can be a truer sense of what Portland is about and that applies in the Chicago edition of The Pizza Show.

SOME STUFFS: The Coathangers extend summer tour

 photo Coathangers_old_zps4donfoxz.jpg
The Coathangers’ new album Nosebleed Weekend is out now and they’ve extended their tour in support of it. See where you can spot them this summer:

May 30… Solana Beach, CA (Belly Up)
May 31… Tucson, AZ (Rialto Theatre)
June 1… Albuquerque, NM (Sunshine Theater)
June 3… Dallas, TX (Trees)
June 4… Houston, TX (Free Press Summer Festival)
June 5… Austin, TX (Mohawk)
June 7… Jacksonville, FL (Mavericks at the Landing)
June 8… Fort Lauderdale, FL (Revolution)
June 9… Orlando, FL (The Beacham Theatre)
June 11… San Juan, PR (Club 77)
June 24… Athens, GA (Georgia Theatre – Athfest Club Crawl)
July 7… Asheville, NC (Mothlight)
July 8… Baltimore, MD (Windup Space)
July 9… Washington, DC (Comet Ping Pong)
July 10… Philadelphia, PA (Black Box at Underground arts)
July 12… New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom)
July 14… Boston, MA (ONCE)
July 15… Montreal, QC (TRH-Bar)
July 16… Toronto, ON (Silver Dollar)
July 17… Cleveland, OH (Mahall’s)
July 18… Detroit, MI (Marble Bar)
July 19… St. Louis, MO (Off Broadway)
July 21… Minneapolis, MN (7th Street Entry)
July 22… Milwaukee, WI (Cactus Club)
July 23… Chicago, IL (Beat Kitchen)
July 25… Louisville, KY (Zanzabar)
July 26… Nashville, TN (12th + Porter)
August 25… Seattle, WA (Suicide Squeeze 20th Anniversary @ Neumos)
August 27… Portland, OR (Project Pabst)
September 8-10… Raleigh, NC (Hopscotch Music Festival)

VIDEO: FliBoiMoe’s “One Play Away”

From Portland comes a song with a mean west coast vibe, which may make some of you say “nah, that’s the south, son” or “that is on some midwest shit” but when you see them cleaning their car and eating some food at a food cart pod, it can only be Portland’s best. Who do I speak of? FliBoiMoe, whose name is Moe and he states he is a “fly boy” (in case you needed a pronunciation guide) and when you see the cover for his new street album Trap On Flav, it can only be homage to Oregon (in case you haven’t figured it out, the cover is an homage to National Lampoon’s Animal House, which was filmed in Eugene, Oregon, notice the “Duck” in the bushes on the FliBoiMode cover, in reference to the Oregon Ducks. (Click the cover for a more in-depth look.) But forget looking, download Trap On Flav by clicking here.

FliBoiMoe photo FliBoiMode_coveredSML_zpsqotnr72e.jpg

SOME STUFFS: Clipping. make acapella files available for everything

The guys in Clipping. are nuts, at least musically. You know how insane the lyrics and vocals can be and when it’s time for the music to go over the edge, it goes way beyond the edge like a Kansas album from 1977. But this is 2016 and now they’ve giving away the acapella files from the multi-tracks for you to manipulate in whatever way you see fit. Make new mixes, remixes, chop up something to make people believe Daveed Diggs visited your garage for a session, whatever. It’s all for you. I say flip it, so flip it good, with apologies to Devo.

VIDEO: Fettuccine P’s “Package Rolling”

Fettuccine P photo FettuccineP_old_zpspzkwbf9y.jpg
In the early 90’s, a lady named Nikki D was considered one of the first ladies of Def Jam Records and had hits like “Letting Off Steam” and the popular “Daddy’s Little Girl”. 25 years later, we now have a rapper whom Nikki herself can call “momma’s little boy” but he’s now a man. Nikki D.’s son goes by the name of Fettuccine P and he did a video with director Staxx Paysos for the song “Package Rolling” and when you see it rolling, you know what he’s talking about.