SOME STUFFS: Band & The Beat make stems available for their new single

 photo BandTheBeat_old_zpspizz8scl.jpg
A lot of young producers these days hunt down multi-track files to create new mixes or remixes, along with hunting down source material to create their own music. These multi-track files are also called “stems” and one group who are willing to make their songs available for audio manipulation is Band & The Beat. This is the duo consisting of Tracy Shedd and James Tritten and even if you’ve never heard of them, have a listen to what theyr’e about by clicking to their official Bandcamp page. It is there you will find the multi-track files/stems for their songs. This means you can just download the drum tracks, the guitar, the bass, or vocals and manipulate at well. Remix their songs, add some background vocals or what you think is a cooler bass riff or be like Prince and Madonna and remove the bass. Do whatever you want, the source material is for the taking. Then send your final mixes to fortlowell [at] gmail [dot] com and it’ll be posted on Band & The Beat’s official Soundcloud page. Get to it and have fun.

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