SOME STUFFS: Official Melvins documentary film on its way

When the filmmakers behind The Colossus Of Destiny: A Melvins Tale were looking for anything for people to contribute in the making of their Melvins documentary, I passed along some letters Buzz Osborne sent to me when I was a high school radio disc jockey between 1986-1987. I mentioned how I had bought a 7″ single from Green River and getting the record and a letter from one Mark Arm. Arm was nice enough to include a free record as a way to say thanks and for me to check out. It was Melvins’ first record, a 6-song 7″ EP released by C/Z Records. I ended up liking Melvins far more than I liked Green River at the time. A year later, Melvins released their debut album called Gluey Porch Treatments and Buzz was nice enough to say thank you for the airplay I was giving it. I was only 16 or 17 at the time. Not as a souvenir but I simply kept the letters as I always thought it was cool.

A few years later, when Melvins were signed to Atlantic Records, I asked for a chance to interview them and I did a phone interview with Buzz. At the end of the interview he goes “where are you from now?” and I told him. He then goes “wait a minute? John? You’re the guy from that radio station who played us in high school, right? How have you been?” Back then, I had my own fanzine and was doing a one-off Melvins issue called I Love You Melvins: rah, Rah, RAH and to make a long story short, 30 years this fall, I will be a Melvins fan for 30 years despite the fact I’ve never seen them live, other than on video tape and what I’ve seen/downloaded from YouTube.

What do my last two paragraphs have anything to do with this documentary? Well, I had thought I could be a micro-contributor with one of my letters but I don’t think any of my notes were used but nonetheless, I will watch The Colossus Of Destiny: A Melvins Tale, which was directed by Bob Hannam. They are currently looking for places to screen the film, be it film festivals or “other” so if you’re someone who is able to present this, please head to for more information. When it gets near you, please watch it and remember: we can go to church and you’re naked.

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