AUDIO: Hidden Charms’ “Cannonball”

Photo by Phoebe Fox
Hidden Charms photo HiddenCharms_old_zpsv0vqnjgw.jpg
Cannonball has been announced as the title of Hidden Charms’ forthcoming single to be released on June 17th and here it is. London group Hidden Charms are built for speed and they are more than willing to pump you up big time. The London outfit, comprising of Vincent Davies (vocals/guitar/bass), Ranald Macdonald (vocals/keys), Josh Lewis (guitar) and Oscar Robertson (drums), is something that was mentioned in their press release and that’s the only part I will cut and paste from. I will tell youy that the song was produced by the one and only Mr. Chop so you know it has to be good and… wait, you don’t believe me? Listen for yourself, then.

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