RECORD CRACK: Steve Vai album gets a deluxe treatment in reissue

 photo SteveVai_cover_zpslk51kz7a.jpg
The man known as Frank Zappa’s “stunt guitarist” will have one of his album reissued this year in honor of its 25th anniversary. Passion And Warfare is being released as a double LP and this edition will have four tracks not on the original.

The original album actually came out in 1990 so if we are to get technical, this is the 26th anniversary. However, when the album was released, Relativity Records did press it up on vinyl but it was a 53 minute on a single piece of vinyl, which means the sound quality was a bit compressed in order to fit everything on there. This means the volume on the original vinyl pressing was not as bold or loud as it could have been but the new remaster, being released by the Friday Music label, will fix this. Unlike the original, this new 2LP set will be packaged in a gatefold cover and is being pressed by R.T.I., the plant known for pressing up a number of remasters by people such as Steve Hoffman and Kevin Grey.

The original album will be spread over three sides and Side 4 will be the one with previously unreleased material. Here’s the track listing for Side 4:
1. Lovely Elixir
2. And We Are One (Solo #2)
3. As Above
4. So Below

The 180g audiophile pressing will be out this summer, actual release date to be mentioned very soon.

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