SOME STUFFS: No Joy to begin series of EP’s

No Joy photo NoJoy_old_zpsmeoakwz8.jpg
If you’re a fan of the Montreal band No Joy, you’re going to be happy about this news. They have new music coming out but it’s not just one release, but a bunch of them. They are going to release a series of EP’s so arguably, you can say the band recorded a full length album and decided to split it up for a handful of releases and maybe that’s what they did. No matter, new music is on the way, first with the release Drool Sucker that will be out in July 15th through the label they’re now signed to, Topshelf Records. Check out a track from the EP, listen to “Thorn in Garlands Side”.

Beginning on Friday, fans in the United Kingdom will get a chance to enjoy them when they go on tour, which they’ll do until spring is almost coming to an end but they’ll return again this August. Some spring dates will team them up with White Lung.

May 27… Madrid, Spain (Getmad Festival)
May 28… Barcelona, Spain (Mayday Mambo Fest)
May 29… Tolosa, Spain (Bonberenea)
May 31… Paris, France (Le Point Ephemere) #
June 1… Liege, Belgium (La Zone) #
June 2… The Hague, Netherlands (Paard Van Troji) #
June 3… Amsterdam, Netherlands (PParadiso) #
June 4… Brighton, England (Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar)
June 5… Guilford, England (Boiler Room)
June 6… London, England (Moth Club)
June 9… Tel Aviv, Israel (Pasaz)
June 10… Ostrava, Czeck Republic (Cheechak Festival)
June 11… Eindhoven, Netherlands (Eindhoven Psych Lab Festival)
August 24… Prague, Czeck Republic (Cafe V Lesse)
August 26… Lodz, Poland (Domoffon Festival)
August 28… Leipzig, Germany (Westwerk)
August 29… Heidelberg, Germany (Leitstelle)
August 30… Hamburg, Germany (Aalhaus)
August 31… Berlin, Germany (Pop Kulture Festival)
September 3… London, England (1234 Festival)

# = w/ White Lung

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