BOOK’S FOODIE: The Pizza Show – Chicago

From the Munchies channel on YouTube comes the latest installment of The Pizza Show, a presentation where they visit a specific city to show perspectives of what their pizza is about. In this case, many people know Chicago is huge for their deep dish pizza but there’s a lot more to its pizza than just that so they managed to head not only through Chicago but some of its neighborhoods and outlying areas to get people aware of what you can find if you go out of your way to go out of the way.

One thing it reminded me of is, due to how often I visit Portland, Oregon, there’s constant talk about the many changes the city is going through and how what was considered rootsy and neighborhood-ish is being removed by land owners who want to replace it all with apartments. It’s a chance to focus more on the Portland you think you know and look at the neighborhoods and why that can be a truer sense of what Portland is about and that applies in the Chicago edition of The Pizza Show.

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