AUDIO: Haddy Racks featuring Evie Blanco’s “Take You Home”

Haddy Racks photo HaddyRacks_old_zps4xpriy80.jpg
Resumé is not only something Haddy Racks can present to all potential employers, it is the name of his brand new album, and it’s his first. From it is a nice cut and if you’ve been paying attention to the songs I’ve been posting from him in the last few months, you are sure to appreciate this one too so have a listen to “Take You Home”, which also features Evie Blanco and was produced by AListFame.

RECORD CRACK: The Rashida Joneses release limited edition lathe cut as new single

The Rashida Joneses photo RashidaJoneses_old_zpsb0bm7gav.jpg
If you’re someone who is into labels or artists who release lathe cuts as records, you’re going to like this. The Rashida Joneses have released a new single and you’re only going to be able to pick it up when they are doing shows for the next few weeks. First and foremost, here is where you’ll be seeing this crazy trio:

July 1… Oshkosh, WI (Reptile Palace)
July 5… Minneapolis, MN (Kitty Cat Klub)
July 6… Madison, WI (Mickey’s Tavern)
July 7… St. Louis, MO (Foam)
July 8… Chicago, IL (Mr. Rodgers Playhouse)
July 9… Detroit, MI (Donovan’s Pub)
July 10… Fort Wayne, IN (The Brass Rail)

While the label is calling this a “split single”, that’s not the proper term for what this is. Their new single will be released as an 8 inch lathe cut, made differently than your standard records. They had them done through Precarian Cuts of Tucson, Arizona, the process of which was documented below.
The Rashida Joneses lathe photo Rashida_lathesB_zpsvfl38omd.jpg

Technically, a “split single” is the phrase used when each side of the record features music by different artists. What Tasty Tapes are focusing on is the fact that both songs on this record are bangers, solid hits, a double A-side if you will. You may have a listen to one of the tracks below, called “Alien Ocean”. Remember, these records are only at shows, not at stores so show some support and if you can, say hello.

VIDEO: White Room’s “Think Too Much”

Photo by Stephen Smith
White Room photo WhiteRoom_old_zpsukrc3j0c.jpg
Jake Smallwood (vocals), Jacob Newman (guitar/backing vocals), Tristan Sava (guitar/organ), Henry Sava (drums) and James Bryman (bass/backing vocals) are a psych rock outfit called White Room but don’t wait around to say “I believe you”, have a listen to them. “Think Too Much” is their latest single and they’re passing around the video for it and I’d like to share it with you.

VIDEO: Partybaby’s “I Don’t Wanna Wait”

Directed by Jacob Stark is the new clip from Partybaby called “I Don’t Wanna Wait” and trust me, once you press play and listen to this, you’re going to wonder why you waited around for seconds to check this song and band out. The song will be on the band’s forthcoming EP tha thas not been mentioned, something else you’ll have to wait for.

The group are on tour this summer so if the video is making you itch furiously to see/hear more, head here:

June 30… Watertown, NY (The Flahback) ❤
July 1… Syracuse, NY (Funk N waffles) ❤
July 2… Lancaster, PA (Chameleon Club) ❤
July 5… Columbus, OH (Rumba Café) ❤
July 9… Lawrence, KS (The Bottleneck) ❤
July 10… Ft. Collins, CO (Hodi’s Half Note) ❤
July 11… Co Springs, CO (Black shee) ❤
July 14… Reno, NV (PB&Js) ❤
July 15… Watsonville, CA (Appleton Grill) ❤
July 17… Lancaster, CA (Moose Lodge) ❤
July 21… Phoenix, AZ (Crescent Ballroom) ♞
July 22… Tucson, AZ (The Rock) ♞
July 23… Albuquerque, NM (Launchpad) ♞
July 25… Tulsa, OK (The Vanguard) ♞
July 26… Saint Louis, MO (The Ready Room) ♞
August 1… Omaa, NE (The waiting Room) ♞
August 2… Boulder, CO (Fox Theatre) ♞
August 3… Colorado Springs, CO (The Black Sheep) ♞
August 5… Portland, OR (Hawthorne Theater) ♞
August 6… Seattle WA (The Crocodile) ♞
August 8… Santa Cruz, CA (The Atruim at The Catalyst) ♞
August 9… Sacramento, CA (Ace of Spades) ♞

❤ = w/ SWMRS
♞ = w/ WAVVES

SOME STUFFS: Crazy group Spirit City become spirited with new release

Spirit City photo SpiritCity_old_zpsyca8phsr.jpg
You may not put together the words “Utah” and “rock band” together often but that will change once you get to know Spirit City. They play a nice blend of pop with their rock and they’re going to show everyone what it takes to maintain that power when they drop an EP called We’re All Insane but how crazy are they? Maybe they’re not that loonie but have a listen to the title track to see how much they’re off their rockers.

LYRIC VIDEO: Usurpress’ “Across The Dying Plains”

Usurpress photo Usurpress_old_zpsls5bsmqb.jpg
Out on September 23rd will be a new album from Sweden’s death metal monarchs Usurpress. Okay, maybe not monarchs but they are a great band and The Regal Tribe (Agonia) will be a continuation of what they have been doing to fans, and that is be supplies of brutal progressive death metal with a hint of crust and a touch of doom. For a taste of the ugliness, have a listen to “Across The Dying Plains”.

SOME STUFFS: Pill complete new album, release date set for August

 photo Pill_old_zpsuslmvenb.jpg
Brooklyn combo Pill will be releasing their debut album on August 19th through the Mexican Summer label. Convenience is the final title and they want to share a track from it called “100% Cute” and do you feel you are 100 percent cute? Maybe just 90 percent? 32? Either way, find out the true power of your charm with this (meaning “click the link to listen to the song elsewhere). The album is available to pre-order through