FROM THE BOX: The World’s Worst Rock Record Reviews

Dynamite Magazine photo Dynamite-cover_SML_zpspvhahzaf.jpg
As a kid, I always used to see a magazine called Dynamite, targeted to those in their youth. It featured everything from interviews with celebrities to tasks to do on vacation or spring break/Easter vacation, jokes to advice. To be honest, I never found these at school but when teachers would allow us to order books, I’d always see a way to order it but never did. My speed was a magazine called Highlights.

Nonetheless, as an adult, I once spotted three issues of Dynamite and decided to buy it. It’s different now to read from an adult perspective but I’m able to see how a kid would be thrilled to read something like this. In this issue from 1983 (#108), actress Kim Fields is on the cover, representing her role in NBC’s The Facts Of Life but what I found interesting was a 2-page article called The World’s Worst Rock Record Reviews. I’ve done tons of music reviews in the last 30 years but this article is nothing but excerpts of negative reviews for albums, some of which are good while some are worthy of the critical hate. I’ve scanned each page for you to have a look, click each page to see a full/bigger version.

Dynamite Record Reviews (small) photo Dynamite_reviews1JPG-SML_zpslfktutij.jpg

Dynamite Record Reviews (small 2) photo Dynamite_reviews2JPG-SML_zps8d2rnlw5.jpg


One thought on “FROM THE BOX: The World’s Worst Rock Record Reviews

  1. Loved Dynamite and managed to get them fairly regularly – my Mom allowed me to spend $5 each month on Scholastic orders and then in junior high, she upped it to $7.50. By then I was reading Bananas.

    While I don’t think I ever had that issue of Dynamite, a lot of these reviews looked strangely familiar to me and I couldn’t quite figure out why.

    Then I looked at bottom of second image where it says something like “most of these reviews were taken from The Rock Yearbook 1982”.

    I have the series of Rock Yearbooks ranging from 1981-1986. Mystery solved. Thanks for sharing.


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