VIDEO: Kosha Dillz’s “Half A World Away”

Summer’s (almost) here and the time is right for… what? That light has been used and manipulated many times in the last 50 years but if you’re capable of traveling, do so. Get out of your normalcy and find yourself somewhere else, different from the norm, and that is exactly what Kosha Dillz does on a regular basis as an artist. Of course, going elsewhere has to do with ones personal task, something that isn’t occupational but he gets into it and more with his new one for “Half A World Away”, which was shot in Paris and the Netherlands. This will be on his brand new album due out this summer called What I Do All Day And Pickle, where he takes a famous Andy Warhol album cover and brings it into his world 49 years later. This is about the now, have a pickle.

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