AUDIO: The Regrettes’ “A Living Human Girl”

 photo TheRegrettes_old_zps5ipupviv.jpg
“Garage pop” sounds more interesting than what “cupcake pop” might entail but if any of those phrases make you curious about this group, then proceed. You may also want to know who “this group” is and/or are and they are called The Regrettes, who are going to do a batch of shows in north and south California (but not east) next month with the great Tacocat in support of themselves, who are Lydia Night, Genessa Garianom guitar, Sage Nicole and Maxx Morando.

July 15… San Francisco, CA (Bottom of the Hill)
July 16… Santa Barbara, CA (Velvet Jones)
July 19… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo)
July 20… San Diego, CA (Soda Bar)

After hearing “A Living Human Girl”, perhaps the cupcake punk phrase may be apt but determine this for yourself.


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