REVIEW: Bloody Knives’ “I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This”

 photo BloodyKnives_cover_zpsgz7fez4d.jpg A lot of journalists like to use words like ethereal, earthy, other-worldly, and clustered to describe now lush a band sounds on record. I know I have most likely used all of them at any given time but the truth is that if and when it works, all you have to say is their sound is loud as fuck and I love it. Case in point: I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This (Saint Marie), the new album by Bloody Knives. Arguably, the core of what they do is bring up their guitars up to eleven and allow it to fill up the soundscape up to your next to where you may feel like you’re about to suffocate from it. Some of it sounds like there are hints of keyboards played behind the guitars and the bass guitar is pretty much the foundation (or one of them) of everything to let the listener know what is centered, or should be. Even a track like “—–“, a solid instrumental, could be considered a bridge to get you from one point of sonic hell to the other but within the hellish feedback and volume are songs that help you understand its texture a bit better, whether the song is a romantic tale or a metaphor about the struggle of anything. Imagine having influences from bands like Helmet or My Bloody Valentine and then wanting to drag them deeper into your own awesome hell. It sounds distortion as if everything was brickwall limited and it makes your eyes want to bulge and yet the words that tell the tales force you to keep listening. That’s when you realize the possible meaning of the album title because the music will indeed cut your heart out and if they split it all over the stage like another band from yesteryear, even better.


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