REVIEW: Cantina’s “A Sea Of Keys”

 photo Cantina_cover_zpstxggzqu3.jpg Indie pop can go anywhere and everywhere but the main thing about is to allow the artist to take you where they want you to be. In this case, Cantina want to show our adventurous they are with their songs and musicianship and while it sounds like nothing else you’re listening to today, you want to be there and stay. That is the case with A Sea Of Keys (We Know Better) where the five-piece combo will bring in keyboards, bankos, ‘ukulele, drums and things that could be found in a closet or garage and just make awesome pop songs for now people. I like it when someone opens up their world and allows everyone to sit and enjoy what’s going on, and that is what John D. has done, making some songs sound like it was straight out of Athens, GA or perhaps somewhere deep in North Carolina. Some songs are barel even two minutes in length but what they do is have you become familiar with their surroundings and when it’s time to leave, they’ll let you know and you’re on towards another adventure. Cantina are all about sonic adventures but in a minimalistic sense, acoustic pop where the only electricity is the chemistry between them, and it’s a good chemistry heard here.

(A Sea Of Keys will be released on July 22nd.)


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