REVIEW: Popincourt’s “A New Dimension To Modern Love”

 photo Popincourt_cover_zpss4dhtxkv.jpgmusic of Popincourt sounds like something that needs to be heard today because it is sorely missing in the marketplace and airwaves. However, if you are someone who could care less about any marketplace or don’t listen to or care about the radio, then crafty pop is what you will dwell and soak in with A New Dimension To Modern Love (Jigsaw). It sounds like something that was done with a lot of precision and love for the craft of music itself, something out of the Burt Bacharach songbook while being produced by Herb Alpert. There are moments in some of these songs that sound like the poppier size of Jazzanova’s craft work, be it the charming vocal harmonies or the arrangements and structures of these songs. It’s catchy, irresistible, and charming, the kind of music that may sound like it came from youth but it easily desires to exist in today’s world.

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