REVIEW: Steel Cranes’ “Tango”

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Amanda Schukle and Tracy Shapiro make up the solid duo Steel Cranes and despite what some people will assume from a group consisting of two members, their new release sounds like something some trios are incapable of making. Tango (Mister White Tights) plays with the notion of what a two-piece band could or should sound like, bringing in nice pop touches within their rock rage while beefing up the arena that are their palaces. In other words, all of these are well written songs that come from personal experiences, either actually felt or something that may have been realized in a dream but it’s a way to say “I’ve been there and you’ll be able to make it across in one piece.” A song like “Sandglass” could easily become a favorite among country groups as there’s a slight twang to the musicianship and lyrics so I hope this will help lead them to become popular in that world, although that world also represents our world, all worlds and Tango is a place where you can dance about the wonders and occasional struggles of life. What Steel Cranes have done is make music that will want you to grip into/onto the attitude given and not wanting to let go of its power. One could easily compare what they do with other artists but it’s best to listen to Steel Cranes as they are and leave it at that. Let it develop itself.

(Tango will be released on August 5th.)

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