REVIEW: The Queen Annes’ “Released!”

 photo QueenAnnes_cover_zpssdgqh2es.jpg Recorded in 1997 and 1998 and not made available for another 18 years, The Queen Annes have finally released an album that has been in the metaphorical vault until now and we get a chance to hear it. Released! (Green Monkey) is music from a Seattle band that doesn’t sound like your stereotypical Seattle band but then again, when has a Seattle band every sounded like one another? Exactly, and The Queen Annes mix up nice hints of pop with rock to create something that sounds like a mixture of Everclear, Teenage Funclub, The Fastbacks, and Soul Asylum but in songs like “Caught Underneath The Light” and “I Owe You Nothing”, the horn section helps it appeal to Neil Young fans, or at least those Young fans who like it when he mixes up rock with R&B. It’s nice and gritty music you’d expect to hear in a nightclub when you need to be let out of your misery, so you could say the title of the album has a bit of an unintentional double meaning. What is Released! is more than just that, and maybe this is the music in your heart that needs to get out.


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