REVIEW: Danny Green Trio’s “Altered Narratives”

Danny Green Trio photo DannyGreen_cover_zpsxr8bogdz.jpg With a new album featuring songs composed completely by its leader, The Danny Green Trio offer a bit of wonderful jazz with a nice touch of attitude (call it swagger if you will) with Altered Narratives (OA2). Green blesses his piano with helo from drummer Julien Cantelm and bassist Justin Grinnell and together they create a vibe that is warm to the touch and quite beautiful, if not elegant, to hear. Everything was nicely put together with help from producer Matt Pierson and together they play their heart and souls together as one while allowing each other to get deeper into what they’re doing, slightly becoming confident in their own playing and contributions while maintaining they are united for one common cause. The cause is a good one. Highlights include “Friday At The Thursday Club”, “Serious Fun” and the album opener, “Chatter From All Sides”.

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