REVIEW: The Blessed Isles’ “Straining Hard Against The Strength Of Night”

 photo BlessedIsles_coverSML_zpsgys3cwow.jpg If you still enjoy getting lost in the dreamy soundscapes created by Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark (OMD), you will find the dreams of The Blessed Isles to be your reality. “Straining Hard Against The Strength Of Night (Saint Marie) is a title consisting of nine syllables, which is two more than the pop music norm but these guys do not want to be anyone’s norm. No sir or madam, they simply make enchanting pop music that is engaging and easily addictive if you allow it to be, from the gentle guitar work of Aaron Closson and Nolan Thies to the keyboards they play together to create something that has a nice and unifided vibe that lets you know there are in this for the long haul. While I could hear a song like “Confession” be remixed for a new musical territory, I enjoy hearing it and other tracks on the album as is. This is a durable one.

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