RECORD CRACK: The Rashida Joneses release limited edition lathe cut as new single

The Rashida Joneses photo RashidaJoneses_old_zpsb0bm7gav.jpg
If you’re someone who is into labels or artists who release lathe cuts as records, you’re going to like this. The Rashida Joneses have released a new single and you’re only going to be able to pick it up when they are doing shows for the next few weeks. First and foremost, here is where you’ll be seeing this crazy trio:

July 1… Oshkosh, WI (Reptile Palace)
July 5… Minneapolis, MN (Kitty Cat Klub)
July 6… Madison, WI (Mickey’s Tavern)
July 7… St. Louis, MO (Foam)
July 8… Chicago, IL (Mr. Rodgers Playhouse)
July 9… Detroit, MI (Donovan’s Pub)
July 10… Fort Wayne, IN (The Brass Rail)

While the label is calling this a “split single”, that’s not the proper term for what this is. Their new single will be released as an 8 inch lathe cut, made differently than your standard records. They had them done through Precarian Cuts of Tucson, Arizona, the process of which was documented below.
The Rashida Joneses lathe photo Rashida_lathesB_zpsvfl38omd.jpg

Technically, a “split single” is the phrase used when each side of the record features music by different artists. What Tasty Tapes are focusing on is the fact that both songs on this record are bangers, solid hits, a double A-side if you will. You may have a listen to one of the tracks below, called “Alien Ocean”. Remember, these records are only at shows, not at stores so show some support and if you can, say hello.

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