BOOK REVIEW: “Encyclopedia Of Kiss” by Brett Weiss

Encyclopedia Of Kiss photo KissEncyclo_cover_zpszp3ci03m.jpg Published this past pay, Brett Weiss’ Encyclopedia of KISS: Music, Personnel, Events and Related Subjects (McFarland) is one of the most in-depth and interesting books to cover the world of one of the hottest bands in the land, and of course I speak of Kiss. Like most encyclopedia, it gets into the origins of what helped to form Kiss, where each member came from and pretty much everything that has been part of their path, from the hoopla over the mania that happened in the second half of the 1970’s, the die-down of the hype, the Music From The Elder era and when they decided to remove their make-up in the early 80’s, all of this is mentioned somewhere in the Kiss encyclopedia.

The book is done in alphabetical order by subject and name so if you wish to know a bit more about Paul “Ace” Frehley, you’ll also know about his former wife that he married in 1976 to the daughter they had together. Magazines, tours, endorsements, documentaries, events of interest, they’re pretty much here. Not being a deep Kiss fan as I once was, I couldn’t tell you if this book has anything and everything you could want. You’ll find out about the tour they went on for their Crazy Nights album but you will not see the complete tour itinerary or set-lists to find out if they stayed the same for the entire tour or when there were changes. You are able to find all of that “extra” stuff online and perhaps if you’re a much deeper Kiss fan, you already have links on where to go.

Nonetheless, if you have been looking for everything you could ever want about Paul, Gene, Ace, Peter, Eric, Vinnie, Bruce, and everyone else that has been part of the Kiss empire since the beginning, Encyclopedia Of Kiss is the perfect starting place.

(NOTE: The book now has a new cover in its second edition that was released in August. The new version has a silhouette of Gene Simmons playing bass.)

AUDIO: Jimi Needles featuring Great Scott & Skilf’s “Gimme The Call”

Being on Twitter, I came across a mash-up but it was released a few months ago so I went to see what was the most recent track. Jimi Needles has created a song with Great Scott and Skilf called “Gimme The Call” and he utilizes Earth, Wind & Fire’s “On Your Face” (from their album Spirit/i>) into a very nice song. Check this out, a bit of British flows for you.

VIDEO: Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey’s “Whole Food”

The press release is clear and distinct:
Mello Music is proud to announce the release of Dallas based producer Gensu Dean and nomadic (Detroit, NYC, Chicago) MC Denmark Vessey’s new full length album out tomorrow and video Whole Food and I mean if you need more, do a search yourself. But here it is, the title track for Whole Foods, make sure you watch those pricey apples. The video was nicely done by director Rodolfo Duran.

VIDEO: Jimmy Wopo’s “Prime Time”

Woponese is not a unique language but the new street album by Jimmy Wopo although you may want to learn his vocabulary and get to know his work. You can begin here by checking out the video made in support of it called “Prime Time” because it seems this is his time now. To check out the street album (which is free), head over to and download it.

LYRIC VIDEO: Surgical Meth Machine’s “Gates Of Steel”

Al Jourgensen covering Devo? It makes sense if you know your musical historya nd now you get to hear a part of that history with Jourgensen’s new project, Surgical Meth Machine” with a cover of Devo’s “Gates Of Steel” and this is very much a scorcher. Their self-titled debut album, released this past April, can be purchased below via

VIDEO: Wyatt Blair’s “Dancing On A Dream”

Point Of No Return? We’re not talking about a song by Nu Shooz or Expose but we are talking about theh forthcoming album by Wyatt Blair, who will be releasing it on August 5th through Lolipop/Burger and here, I’d like to present to you a video made for it, please watch and listen to the VHS-friendly “Dancing On A Dream”, it’s just a dream. If it looks and sounds like a basic cable classic, it’s on purpose. The album is available to pre-order below via Also below are dates for his west coast tour that he will start this Wednesday: CATCH IT!

July 27… Costa Mesa, CA (The Wayfarer)
August 5… Palm Springs, CA (Ace Hotel – Burger Oasis)
August 6… Los Angeles, CA (The Smell Fundraiser)
August 7… Long Beach, CA (Alex’s Bar)
August 8… Sacramento, CA (El Castillo)
August 9… San Francisco, CA (The Chapel)
August 10… Eugene, OR (Wow Hall)
August 11… Portland, OR (Dantes)
August 12… Seattle, WA (Lucky Liquor)
August 21… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo – Echo Park Rising)
September 14… Los Angeles, CA (The Hi Hat)