AUDIO: Red Fang’s “Flies”

Only Ghosts will not be out for another three months but the album is over and Red Fang are probably figuring out how to be goofy in the video for the song that is sure to be visualized because a lot of times when a song surfaces, that will be the first one to be turned into a video, but will it? “Flies” is the song, get a hint for what the album is about and rock out. How about this for a change: don’t be goofy in this video until the last 30 seconds. Be normal for a change, show what Portland rock is, has, and always will be about, honor the power of Poison Idea, Hazel, or The Wipers and rock out without the mock out. Then be a mock again and carry on with your lunatic selves.

Not a good idea? Eh, here’s “Flies” nonetheless, make sure your ears do not bleeze upon listening. The album can be pre-ordered below via

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