VIDEO: Jake Kost featuring Supastition & Reks’ “The Kost Of Reked Supras”

Stadtluft Macht Frei is the new album from Portland MC Jake Kost and you might be saying “wait a minute: this guy is German? What is German about Portland, Oregon?” Have you driven on Sandy Boulevard and headed past 100th Avenue? Do it when you return to the city or if you have never been there, do so. Explore more than what you know and by doing so, you may discover Jake Kost and his flow, or flows. Here, he is teamed up with Supastition and Reks for a zesty audio fest called “The Kost Of Reked Supras” and if the title sounds like an amalgamation of some sort, you’re half way there. Commit yourself to a full insertion of their music. The album is available below via Bandcamp, stream and listen, then consider making a purchase.

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