REVIEW: Vocione’s “Le Armi de Ares”

Vocione photo Vocione_cover_zpsb3blqbqu.jpg While the word “vocione” means “loud voice”, the Italian duo Vocione create a voice that is strong and firm as well as bold, due to one member (Marta Raviglia) doing the singing and the other (Tony Cattano) playing the trombone but also playing the Farfisa organ when he can. Le Armi de Ares (Aut) could be a spoken word performance with musical accompaniment or it could be two creative minds being able to speak as one. They could be performing at a zoo, at a park, at a public villa or a private prison and yet wherever they would be, it would sound this bold and sharp. Some of this reminds me of an American duo from the early 90’s named Ether, where it was a voice and a musician creating something mysterious yet confident. Some of this may be childlike but they are out of childhood and forcing you to enter their world for the fake of dealing with this existence. This existence is Le Armi de Ares and you are welcome to see what colors they paint for you.


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