SOME STUFFS: Las Kellies head on tour in support of new album and single

Las Kellies photo LasKellies_old_zps1ucjgjrp.jpg
Las Kellies call themselves this because they are sisters, in this case Cecilia Kelly and Silvina Kelly. Their new album Friends & Lovers is out now but when they head on tour next week, they are adding a new “Kelly” who happens to not be related, for she is a new Kelly in a group sense, bassist Manuela Ducatenzeiler. They show you how it is in Buenos Aires but will prove they are much more than their home locale. Their latest single is called “Celebrate Life”, which is good to do during any time of the day.

Here are the dates for their European tour that will take them throughout the rest of autumn and 2016:
06 Nov: Moth Club, London, UK
07 Nov: The Hope, Brighton, UK
08 Nov: Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate, UK
09 Nov: The Bassment, Chelmsford, UK
10 Nov: Night & Day, Manchester, UK
11 Nov: Arden Arms, Halifax, UK
12 Nov: The Tin at The Coal Vaults, Coventry, UK
13 Nov: The Ferret, Preston, UK
14 Nov: Harley, Sheffield, UK
15 Nov: Oporto, Leeds, UK
17 Nov: The Exchange, Keighley, UK
19 Nov: Rotown, Rotterdam, Netherlands
20 Nov: Oedipus Brewery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
23 Nov: Kinky Star, Gent, Belgium
24 Nov: ACU, Utrecht, Netherlands
26 Nov: 1000 Fryd, Aalborg, Denmark
27 Nov: Astra Stube, Hamburg, Germany
29 Nov: Zoro, Leipzig, Germany
30 Nov: Klapperfeld, Frankfurt, Germany
01 Dec: Espace B, Paris, France
04 Dec: L’ ecurie, Geneva, Switzerland
05 Dec: Schwarzer Engel, St Gallen, Switzerland
06 Dec: Rhiz, Vienna, Austria
07 Dec: Spazio Aereo, Venecia, Italy
08 Dec: Moog, Ravenna, Italy
09 Dec: Mr Rollys, Vitualazio, Italy
10 Dec: Beat Café, Vasto, Italy
11 Dec: Zazza, Carip, Italy
13 Dec: El Pati, Perpignan, France
17 Dec: Le Twist Komintern, Rennes, France


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